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Book Your VIP Bottle Reservations in Scottsdale, AZ

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be treated like a celebrity? Riot House in Scottsdale, AZ, can offer a fantastic experience that gives you the VIP bottle service treatment, no matter who you are. Our VIP bottle service provides the ultimate experience to ensure you get stellar service in our beautiful venue. Your VIP bottle reservations include personalized drink service in a private area of the club to make you feel special.

Get the VIP Treatment You Deserve

When booking VIP bottle reservations in Scottsdale, AZ, you can customize your experience to meet your needs. Book for as many or as few people as you need. When you arrive for your VIP bottle service, we will escort you to a private area of our nightclub with a dedicated host who ensures the drinks keep flowing as long as you stay. You can expect personalized service that makes you feel like a celebrity.

Enjoy Your Experience at Riot House

Our VIP bottle service in Scottsdale, AZ, is designed to ensure you enjoy your experience at our nightclub. You will get private space to enjoy with your group with access to the rest of the club to listen to fantastic music and dance the night away if you choose. We guarantee you’ll have a memorable night when making your VIP bottle reservations.

VIP Bottle Service FAQ

VIP bottle service involves reserving a private section of a venue and getting personalized drink service.
A VIP bottle service will get you personalized service to make you feel like a celebrity. Although you will have a private seating section for as many or as few people as you like, you will also still have access to the rest of the club to dance to the music.
The venue will serve a variety of alcohols, so you will be able to choose which one works best for your party. Think about which option everyone will like best as well as which mixers you want to be served.
Different venues will have different requirements for a minimum number of bottles, so you should contact them to find out before booking a table.
It is highly recommended that you make a reservation in advance since VIP bottle service tends to be in high demand.
There will typically be a large half-circular booth facing the rest of the club, so you and your party can lounge and watch the dance floor. Extra accommodation may be provided depending on the size of your party.


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